Alexa Meade - Painter from another dimension

Meade isn't like any other artist...she literally paints human beings, turning them into living, breathing portraits. Alexa creates the illusion of a world where 2D and 3D have become one.
- Business Insider

Art + Magic = Alexa + Meade
- David Blaine, Magician

Perception-bending alternate reality of her creation.
- Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Your move, Banksy.
- Refinery29

NEW RELEASE: Color of Reality

Alexa Meade's perspective-bending artwork makes the 3D world look like a 2D painting. In her latest project collaboration, Alexa Meade's art is the medium for the visual storytelling of Color of Reality, a short film written, directed, and choreographed by Jon Boogz. Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck deliver emotional performances that speak powerfully to our frustrations with the gun violence that is haunting American society today. Produced by Kalie Acheson of Animi.Design

In the lushly hypnotic video 'Color of Reality,' a quick tale told through movement and visual art, these men are dancers and their message is not just about social justice. It’s also about their art...Think of it as a van Gogh — that is, if one of his paintings were brought to life as a performative protest...used to inspire positive change and empower.

- The New York Times

Alexa Meade takes an innovative approach to art. Not for her a life of sketching and stretching canvases. Instead, she selects a topic and then paints it—literally. She covers everything in a scene—people, chairs, food, you name it—in a mask of paint that mimics what's below it. In this eye-opening talk Meade shows off photographs of some of the more outlandish results, and shares a new project involving people, paint and milk.